W.E. A.R.E. Northern California Christmas Institute Praise Band

We are one in (W)orship; a united body reflecting the freedom of God’s love, and the formation of faith which calls upon us to cry out our praises. 

We are (E)mpowered by the Holy Spirit which guides our purpose, and grants each of us the courage to see within AND beyond ourselves, so that we may face our neighbors--our brothers and sisters--and extend our songs to them in every season. 

We are (A)wake to the sufferings of this world, as we are to its many blessings. Our mission is to shed light on this single truth: that in all our pai and in all our joy, in all of heaven and all the earth, in times past and in times yet to come, He will always be. And nothing else will compare. 

We are a force for (R)evival, humble and genuine. Our voices answer to the restlessness that stirs within all those who hunger and thirst for Him. May our prayers and proclamations reach you, igniting your souls with a resounding passion for all of God’s wonders. 

We are working to (E)quip the generations who will follow us with the wisdom and clarity we have learned through this ministry. “I am the vine, you are the branches...” (John 15:5) and when we wither to make way for a new branch, they will then provide a new fruit. New fruit to be turned into a new wine. We pour out every aspect of our being as an offering to Christ.  

We belong to no building or structure, no person or philosophy. We exist so long that our hearts find solace in His presence, therein the music will never fade. W.E. A.R.E. the instruments of His grace.